Internet Explorer 10 Download for windows 7/8/10

Internet Explorer 10 is a traditional browser which is known for secure, faster and efficient features. It is the most used computer browser since long and this is the reason millions of users are still using it. It has been maintaining the trust of security and better browsing since long. The latest version of Internet Explorer is IE10 and it was launched on 4 September 2012. Many of people rely on this Internet Explorer browser and they are enjoying iteration of the Microsoft current standing form with polished form as never before. It has been continuing legacy of old trust and secure browsing till date. It carry a simple user interface with better menu options display on the upside of browser. When you launch the browser, it will please you with short search or URL bar on the left. This is really good to have such a controlled and managed function on the display.

Features of Internet Explorer 10

Toolbar of Internet Explorer is refined with vast number of advance function. These functions are responsible to provide better smooth browsing to users. Moreover it get launched in just few rational of seconds due to light size and modest interface. Whereas other modern browser use to take so much time to get launched. Despite of that, there are so many other reasons to choose Internet Explorer over others. There is conjointly Don’t Track feature enabled by default, and an additional powerful pursuit Protection List to confirm that advertisers keep their hands off your information. Smartscreen is another security feature that analyses sites you visit so as to warn you if they feature malware or may well be phishing for information. It’s not fool proof, however a handy addition. It brings up contextual menu to pretend more options for an enhanced surfing experience. In case you are using any other browser, it is quite difficult for you to move on Internet Explorer. But don’t need to worry because it help you to retrieve all the bookmarks and links in easy steps. You can get all those bookmark you have made on older browser.

Download Internet Explorer 10

What’s New?

It keeps the legacy of brand from long time and maintain the value for user till now. One can easily get attracted to it via variety of functions and vast features. There are so many new add-ons are available which you can get in Internet Explorer. It has pre-installed Flash player which can deliver online graphics to play on display. This is not the end here, Internet Explorer considers user’s privacy on the top. User’s privacy and security is Microsoft’s first priority, therefore they have brought you Internet Explorer with built-in algorithms features. This will keep you online status as anonymous. You can browse websites in Private Mode which make your online status none and hide all details. Despite being in fear that your history can be seen by your ISP, you can enter Private Mode to hide everything.


This is an open source browsing tool provided by Microsoft. You can download this amazing software for free of cost. Microsoft provides online support for user in case you figure out any issue regarding the download or if you have any suggestion for this browsing tool as well. This is another reason for you to choose this incredible product over other overrated browsing software tools.


If you are looking for smart, faster, efficient, secure and light browser tool for your computer system, Internet Explorer is here for you. It is highly recommended by our all team and prefer to use the latest version of Internet Explorer. In some cases, it is reported that user turn off automatic updates of the browser, which is not good for system’s health. Hence it is quite advisable to keep this functionality on for all time for better and efficient browsing. It is also helpful to ensure the secure browsing being updating virus definition on the regular basis. So grab this amazing software browser by Microsoft now and start a new journey with secured browsing partner. Now on, you don’t need to worry about privacy and security while making online payment also. Get fearless and make safe and sound online payment every time with Internet Explorer.

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