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Microsoft is that the most sure name in computer package. Internet explorer 9 was free in 2011 to a lot of fanfare and press because it wasn’t free together with a replacement version of Windows – it had been free all on its own. Internet mortal 9 enables you to surf the net simply, displays webpages with crisp graphics and simple navigation, plays movies swimmingly and offers you interactive content to play with. A toolbar displays your favorite websites, whereas SmartScreen Filter and following Protection assist you keep shielded from threats so you ought not to worry as you surf the net anyplace you wish to travel. From Microsoft: Windows internet explorer 9 delivers websites and applications that look and perform like native computer applications through the ability of Windows.

Its support for HTML5 and trendy internet standards architected to require advantage of the GPU means identical mark-up not solely works across the net, however runs quicker and delivers a richer expertise through Windows and internet explorer 9. Internet explorer puts the main target on the net sites you like with a clean look and enhanced viewing space that creates your websites shine. Intuitive and seamless integration with Windows 7 provides one-click access to internet applications fastened on to your taskbar.

Internet explorer 9 has been within the wild for spill a year currently, thus I assumed it time for a few valuation. whereas different browsers have created nice headway in up support for rising and set internet standards admire HTML5 and CSS3 with various updates, IE9’s has stood still since its unharness. And after all, team at Microsoft is targeted squarely on Windows 8’s browser, IE10 that ought to address these considerations.

Download Internet Explorer for Windows 7/8 and 10

Internet Explorer (32 bit)  |  Internet Explorer (64 bit)

Features of Internet Explorer 9

However within the meanwhile, users are still expected to create due with IE9, thus a re-examination of my review is secured. IE9 remains a massive improvement over its forerunner, IE8. Its interface is IE9 is that the results of a massive effort by Microsoft’s browser development team (detailed on the IEBlog), and benefited from additional beta tester feedback than any previous product from the corporate. It is an immense advance from the web Explorers of the past in terms of speed, cut down interface, and HTML5 support. The browser is accessible for transfer at, however just for users of Windows 7 and aspect. For users of these Operating system, it is an extremely suggested upgrade.

For those involved concerning privacy, Microsoft has inbuilt the distinctive new following Protection, which supplies users additional management than Chrome and Firefox’s solutions to the current privacy issue. In some performance measures, significantly graphics manipulation tasks, IE9 has at now been equaled or surpassed, even on its own hardware acceleration benchmarks. On 2 out of 3 JavaScript benchmarks, it’s bested by each Chrome and Firefox. However IE9’s improved tabs, search, and distinctive fastened website capability that places site icons within the taskbar, all create it a worthy successor to IE8.


Microsoft has finally joined different browser manufacturers in mechanically change that is to the most recent version the OS will handle. This way, developers are ready to use newer cryptography techniques, and users can get quicker performance. Putting in that is9 is currently a matter of running Windows Updates; it replaces your previous version of IE. The browser, however, solely runs on the foremost recent flavors of Microsoft’s operative system—Windows 7 and Vista—and there are separate installers for 32-bit and 64-bit editions. when downloading the right installer, running it takes longer than putting in Chrome, Firefox, or Opera (Free, 4 stars), and, additionally in contrast to those, it needs a resuscitate and OS updates.

The Look of IE9

IE’s trimmed-down window header even has the rear arrow button clipped off to provide the foremost potential house to the net page. The tabs are square off, and moving the browser round the screen appeared snappier. the primary time you run the new browser, you not ought to bear a wizard for selecting search suggestions and different choices, as you probably did for IE8—another welcome simplification. The primary page you see is that the “welcome to an additional stunning internet,” that explains and demonstrates a number of IE9’s new capabilities.

Most pages displayed properly, however often I saw untidy text, though’ this typically corrected itself after I scrolled down and copy on the page. And on one take a look at machine, the browser often simply stopped responding, even preventing Maine from change tabs. I still often encounter a “Not Responding” error, with the browser window going dim and therefore the blue doughnut spinning.

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